A Man of Many Voices: an Interview with an Audiobook Narrator

Although I love listening to audiobooks, I’ve never given much thought as to the making of them. Hearing mine made me curious about what all goes into the process. I reached out to the amazingly talented narrator of Enemies of Doves, Michael Brusasco, and he agreed to be interviewed for my blog. Let’s get started!Continue reading “A Man of Many Voices: an Interview with an Audiobook Narrator”

Book Trailers

I had a reader request to share about the process of making my book trailer for Enemies of Doves. I put it off for a while, because I didn’t actually make it, but the more I thought about it, I figured book trailers would make an excellent blog topic. First things first, I know veryContinue reading “Book Trailers”

Paths to Publication

Since I announced my publishing contract, I’ve received many messages asking about the process of publication. Do I need an agent? How do I get a contract? Is it better just to self-publish? After getting similar questions sent to me this weekend, I decided it might make a good blog topic for all you writersContinue reading “Paths to Publication”


A reader recently sent me a message via social media and told me she had really enjoyed my book and given it 4 stars on goodreads last month, but she was going to change it to 5. Why? Her exact words were, “I can’t stop thinking about your characters. I feel like I know them,Continue reading “CHARACTER CREATION”

Making the Cover

Today I wanted to write about how the cover of Enemies of Doves came to be. A really cool benefit of working with a smaller publisher is that you get a lot of input on your cover art. I have a friend who is published with one of the big five publishers and he got his coverContinue reading “Making the Cover”


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